18 July 2024
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Advertise with us to reach the Jewish community

Jewfolk, Inc. creates and sustains independent online + in person journalism and engagement hubs in local Jewish communities.

All Jewfolk, Inc. communities inform, connect, engage, and inspire Jewish adults using innovative methods, strategies, and communication and high quality, award winning journalism.

Jewfolk, Inc. offers an array of advertising options to help you reach diverse Jewish audiences through our digital publication platforms.

Choose from ad placements that meet your advertising needs at a range of price points

• On our websites

• In our newsletters

• On our social media platforms

• And in our podcasts

Your advertising dollars go further when you plan ahead for the coming year and buy an ad bundle

Our media kits, linked in the images below, offer a wide variety of a la carte ads and ad bundles.

Our ads manager is happy to help customize your bundle to suit the unique needs of your company.

Contact Us

Contact our ads manager with any questions and inquiries.

We also offer social media coaching and management.

And take a look at the media kit for the city you’d like to advertise to by clicking on the images below.