12 June 2024
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What Is Jewfolk, Inc.?

Jewfolk, Inc.is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that creates and sustains independent online + in person journalism and engagement hubs in local Jewish communities.

All Jewfolk, Inc. communities inform, connect, engage, and inspire Jewish adults using innovative methods, strategies, and communication. 

Our goals are to:

  • Connect people and deepen personal relationships;
  • Build awareness about Jewish efforts; and
  • Strengthen local Jewish communities.

We envision Jewish communities that embrace diverse ways to be Jewish, offer wide-ranging entry points into Jewish life, foster meaning and pride in personal and Jewish communal identity, and empower people to experience Judaism in their own way.

Our work is aligned with what we believe. We are:

  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Responsive
  • Open-Minded

Jewfolk Inc. proudly supports Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, including its right to self-defense.

We believe in the power of connection to create and sustain welcoming, thriving, vibrant, engaged, local Jewish communities.

Editorial Policy: 

Jewfolk strives to present an open forum for discussion and reflection on any and all issues that we feel will resonate with the local Jewish community. Jewfolk is a space where a diversity of Jewish views and opinions can be presented, and we encourage dialogue, debate, and discussion on these issues.

We publish Op-Ed pieces that are important to our readers even though the topic might be sensitive or provocative. The opinions expressed in these pieces are those of the individual author(s) or commentor(s); they do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Jewfolk, Inc.

Jewfolk will endeavor to present multiple and diverse viewpoints on sensitive subjects as long as the discourse is respectful. We will occasionally publish content by an employee or representative of an organization, but those are marked accordingly and reflect the opinions and policies of said organization and/or the author, not Jewfolk.

The Jewfolk Editor, in conjunction with the Editorial Committee and Board of Directors, reserves the right to reject Op-Ed pieces for publication for any reason, including but not limited to ones that: don’t fit typical length requirements, are disrespectful, and/or those that duplicate views that have already been published.

Comment Policy:

Jewfolk welcomes and encourages open dialogue, debate, and discussion through comments on the website and Jewfolk’s social media properties. Comments are moderated by the Jewfolk editors to ensure that they fall within editorial guidelines. The editors reserve the right to exclude comments that do not follow these guidelines: Comments should be respectful and civil in tone. We will not tolerate personal attacks, racist, homophobic, sexist, or bigoted comments. Comments must be on-topic. If you have a new topic to raise, please contact the editor at [email protected] to pitch it as an article. Spam is not allowed. We reserve the right to delete comments and ban commenters at our sole discretion.

Meet The Jewfolk, Inc. Team


Libby Goldstein Parker (she/her) is the Executive Director of Jewfolk, Inc. Born in Israel, and raised in LA and Vegas, Libby’s desire to experience four seasons – and excellent public schools for her kids – brought her to the Twin Cities in late 2007 where she has been cursing snow shoveling ever since. She has been the Executive Director of Jewfolk, Inc. since 2015, following many years of nonprofit work in community foundations, family foundations, and a Jewish senior care organization. Libby’s professional passions center around creating new initiatives from scratch, championing gender equity in Jewish organizations, and serving as a connector and network weaver. She has expertise in social media for Jewish organizations and in building authentic relationships with audiences and funders. Libby, her husband, and three kids live in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Contact Libby at [email protected].


Galit Breen (she/her) is the Operations and Development Manager for Jewfolk, Inc. Galit’s claim to fame is that she is the original Minnesota Mammaleh, having been a regular contributor and writer for TC Jewfolk when it was first launched over a dozen years ago. In the intervening years, Galit has been staying busy raising her 3 children with her husband and co-producing and co-directing Listen to Your Mother Twin Cities. Reach Galit at [email protected].




Lonny Goldsmith (he/him) is the Editor In Chief of Jewfolk, Inc., and Editor of TC Jewfolk. Lonny is an award-winning journalist who is an alum of the Detroit Jewish News, Chicago Tribune, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, among others. He’s involved in his third Jewish community after growing up in Michigan and spending a three-year stint in Chicago. He likes to write, cook, and watch sports (sometimes in that order). He can be reached at [email protected].




Lev Gringauz (he/him) is the Associate Editor for Jewfolk, Inc. He was born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, and recently graduated from the University of Minnesota after several years of traveling. Lev has been an award-winning contributing writer and podcaster for TC Jewfolk for several years, alongside freelancing for other Jewish publications, and is excited to bring his Russian-speaking quirks to the Jewfolk team. Guilty pleasures include lots of anime, romcoms, playing guitar, and attempting to cook. You can reach him at [email protected].



Anna Latzer (she/her) is the FolkMedia Client Relations Manager. Anna has over 20 years of diversified account and project management experience. Her focus typically falls under strategy and transformation although nothing makes her happier than a color coded project plan! Find Anna at [email protected].






Genevieve Parker (she/they) is a FolkMedia Client Account Manager. In that role, she also runs Jewfolk’s social media accounts. She is a recent transplant to the Twin Cities and comes to us with a background in nonprofit program and development management. Genevieve’s spare time is spent cooking delicious meals, taking short bike rides, reading three library books at a time, and appeasing her dog, George, with daily walks and games of tug. Please be in touch at [email protected]!




Sam Fisher (he/him) is the Cincy Jewfolk Editor and Engagement Associate. Sam grew up in Cincinnati and, after a few years in Los Angeles including a few with Moishe House, Sam joined the Jewfolk staff in April 2023 to be face of Cincy Jewfolk locally. Sam studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, California, where he focused on his writing and acting career and finished his degree at the University of Cincinnati. Be in touch at [email protected]!

Connect with Jewfolk, Inc. Communities

Cincy Jewfolk

TC Jewfolk

More Ways To Connect With Jewfolk, Inc.

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Our Jewish merch is Bubbe approved and designed in-house. Take a look here — we love our fun, modern, and Jewish merch and think that you will, too!


Advertise With Us

Our media kits, linked here, offer a wide variety of a la carte ads and ad bundles. Our ads manager is happy to help customize your bundle to suit the unique needs of your company. Take a look here to learn more and contact [email protected].


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FolkMedia offers fee-for-service digital and social media management and coaching for Jewish organizations. Curious about working with us? Take a look here to learn more and contact [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.


The Jewfolk Podcast Network

The Jewfolk Podcast Network is where you can find links to all the Jewish podcasts that Jewfolk is producing, both under the Jewfolk umbrella and for others in the community. Click here to see what Jewfolk are talking about. Interested in starting a podcast? We can help! Email us at [email protected] and see if we can help you get started.


Our Donors

Jewfolk, Inc. would not exist without YOU, our donors – individuals, private foundations, businesses, and Jewish Federations. We thank you all by name, here.


Our Board of Directors

Effie Cohen (Vice President), Matt Erickson, Nancy Getzkin, Drea Lear, Jennifer Lewin (President), Andrea Nadel-Tikh, Mark Price, Rachael Rosen, Aaron Raskin (Treasurer), Amy Shapiro (Secretary), Jim Stein (Ex-Officio), and Alon Ventura.


Nonprofit Organization

Jewfolk Media, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Its EIN is 27-4463056 and here’s our IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status letter. Copies of our tax filings may be requested at any time by contacting us.